Calm the Chaos 28 Day Discovery Journal (Download)


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Calm the Chaos is Kelly White’s 28 day program that will teach you how new ways to reduce stress, manage energy and achieve peak performance. “It’s not about eliminating chaos,” Kelly explains, “but about using the chaos to your advantage.” While too much chaos causes stress, anxiety and unhealthy adrenaline spikes, well-managed chaos can be cathartic and transformational.

The Calm the Chaos Discovery Journal is a 28 day guide to use on your journey. It can be used alone or as an accompaniment with Calm the Chaos: From Surviving to Thriving in 28 Days. It is a place to record your thoughts, experiences and reflections as you complete the 28 segments. The journal will take you through 28 days of yoga, meditation, journaling and focus on a healthier lifestyle


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